Build Your Own Custom Putter

We are super excited to show you what we offer in our custom putter options. We currently have the Finnro Model and The C.W. Model. These putters are all in 303 stainless steel, all hand shaped and hand stamped with a welded neck. 

Use our downloadable PDF to draw, doodle, and sketch out your vision for your putter. In the PDF, you will find pages with the different views of the head and that is where you can place the stampings you would like to have on your putter. Note there are limitations with what can be added doing hand stamping. 

The face will have mill marks unless you want a smooth face. The finishes we offer are; Grey fox, Black Shadow, Flamed dark or flamed light. (Please indicate your choice) The shafts we offer are; chrome steel, black steel or graphite. (Please indicate your choice) Putter sight line we offer; line in floor on cavity, rivet dot on topline, hole only. (Please indicate your choice) Paint fill, many colors, please 4 maximum. 

Please take a look and let me help you design your custom putter. Once your drawings are complete, scan or take photos of your completed PDF and email to

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